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Archive from October, 2016

Congratulations to all delegation officers

Oct 10, 2016   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Detachment news  //  No Comments

Elections have recently been concluded and we want to wish all the officers, who were elected or reelected congratulations on their elections.

It is our hope that our delegations will do their utmost to promote and help build up the detachment by continuing the work on senatorial and royalty costumes. So far we have 16 delegations and 246 members of the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate and we have place for many more. 🙂

Best of luck in the year going forward.

-Lora, DXO

Updating the detachment page

Oct 8, 2016   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Detachment news  //  No Comments

Hello there.

Your new command staff have begun work on updating this page, and hopefully we will get everything to be as good as we hope for.
It may take some time, but if there is something particular you are missing, then let us know and we will see if we can’t fix that. 🙂