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Archive from April, 2017

Padmé in the Clone Wars

Apr 21, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news, News  //  No Comments

Padme has more than 20 costumes between the Clone Wars movie, mini-series, and TV show. You can now find reference galleries for all of her animate costumes here including.

  • Off-white Apartment Gown
  • Backless Evening Gown
  • Battle Maiden
  • Battle Vest
  • Beaded Black Dress
  • Blue and Gold Swirl Gown
  • Blue Cape
  • Gold Hooded Dress
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Illum Snow Gear
  • Indigo Spiral Gown
  • Indigo Travel Outfit
  • Lawyer Dress
  • Lilac Diamonds Gown
  • Purple Senate Gown
  • Purple Senate Vest
  • Red Office Gown
  • Revelation Gown
  • Scuba Suit
  • Tan Alderaan Gown
  • Tan Tunic
  • Violet Hood Battle Suit

Go out and make those Clone Wars costumes!

-Song of Amazon, DCO