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Padmé Amidala – Meadow Picnic Gown

Padmé wears this delicate gown on a picnic with Anakin.  The dress was made from hand embroidered old-gold silk organza adorned with tiny butterfly shaped sequins.  Multi-colored silk ribbons in pale yellow, pale pink, rose pink, and pale green wrap the lower sleeves.   The corset/boned bodice is a golden yellow silk or silk-like crinkled taffeta or similar fabric, and is decorated in a petal design of variegated yellow to burnished gold, narrow stems and leaves of variegated spring green to medium green and thin gold swirling lines dotted with small pink to magenta roses.  In addition, the corset has narrow shoulder straps of golden yellow fabric dotted with small pink to magenta roses and green and gold leaves.  She wears a large triangular shawl of fine golden yellow netting and decorated with thin, swirling vines and tiny leaves of gold and green with small pink to magenta roses is hemmed and edged in a scallop pattern with variegated spring green to medium green in a satin stitch, and is closed with a small, narrow Art-Deco like burnished silver pin with an amethyst or magenta center stone resembling a dragonfly.  Her hair is gathered into a small bun on either side of her head and encased in a golden yellow crocheted hair net/snood, with the rest of her hair loosely curled and pulled into a loose ponytail tied with the same colored delicate silk ribbons wrapped around the sleeves.  In addition, a forehead band of two ribbons with narrow satin cord edging in a golden green, dotted with small pink to magenta roses with green and gold leaves is worn.