Galactic Senate Detachment

The Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Detachment (RLGS) is the Royalty/Senatorial Detachment of the Rebel Legion. The RLGS is responsible for maintaining and advising the Legion command on costume standards for Royalty/Senatorial costumes from the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Republic and New Republic, and providing the Legion with qualified individuals for the approval of all future Royalty/Senatorial costumes. The members of the RLGS also help new costumers work towards finishing Royalty/Senatorial costumes, and advise on any changes needed to the standards of all costumes falling under the detachment.

Formed in November 2007, under the leadership of founding member Becca Kraning as the Detachment Commanding Officer with Mary Alice Ladd as the first Detachment Executive Officer. Following the Legion elections in the fall of 2008, Mary Alice was elected as the Base Command Liaison, and stepped down from the XO office, making way for Beret Balestrieri Kohn to serve in that position.

The Galactic Senate has over 240 members, and 16 Delegations.

Royalty/Senatorial Costumes that fall under the RLGS:

  • Padmé Amidala Naberrie (Skywalker)
  • Princess Leia Organa (Solo)
  • Old/New Republic Royalty
  • Old/New Republic Senatorial
  • Handmaidens
  • Senate guards
  • etc.


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