Padmé and the other handmaidens wear this battle dress during the Battle of Naboo near the end of Episode I.  The “dress” consists of wine/burgundy colored velvet long overcoat with a fitted closure, and is pinned back to expose the legs; and fitted pants made out of the same material as the overcoat.  The long belled sleeves are lined with a reddish satin.  Embroidered gold ribbon/trim runs along the overcoat side seams, up around the shoulders, and back down the side seams; runs along coat lining at knee-length; and down the sides of the pants.  A reddish/dark pink matte undershirt with extra long sleeves is seen under the overcoat, the shirt and sleeves of which have ribbing detail throughout.  The black leather belt is adorned with a silver buckle with a gold detail Naboo symbol.  Black riding boots finish this costume.