In the last month seven new galleries have been added. In general we hope to add more to these galleries in the future, but they serve as a good starting point and are full of screen shots of the costumes. The only gallery of the seven new that currently do not have screen shots is the one of the Golden Handmaiden costume, which instead focus on exhibition photos.
Bail Organa’s ROTS costumes have also been added minus the cut scene costumes. We hope to add them later provided we can find proper references.

The seven new galleries:

  • Leia – Blue gown (TFA)
  • Handmaiden – Golden/Throne Room (TPM/ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Senate Landing/Blue Leather Coat (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Tantive IV (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Senate Chamber/Aqua Velvet Cloak (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Jedi Temple (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Alderaan Balcony/Long Grey Coat (ROTS)

-Lora, DXO