Mandalorian Royal Guard – The Clone Wars

The Mandalorian Royal Guard are tasked with protecting Duchess Satine Kryze and her court. [gallery ids="15465,15426,15414,15413,15417,15420,15419,15422,13813,13812,13815,13807,13806,3866,8949,3858,3857,3856,3848,3847,3846,3845,3844,3843,3842,3820,1972,3830,3849,15573,15574"]

Silood – The Clone Wars

Silood was a Rodian male aide who worked for Senator Onaconda Farr during the Clone Wars. [gallery ids="13898,13896,13897,13899,13713"]

Miraj Scintel – The Clone Wars

Miraj Scintel was a female Zygerrian who served as the Queen of Zygerria during the Clone Wars. [gallery ids="13878,13879,13880,13881,13882,13883,13884,13885,13886,13887,13888,13889,13890,13891,13892,13893"]

King Katuunko – The Clone Wars

Katuunko was the King of the planet Toydaria and the Toydarian species during the Clone Wars. [gallery ids="13694,13695,13696,13697,13698,13699,13700,13701,13702,15526,15527,15528,15529,15530,15531"]

Chi Cho – The Clone Wars

Chi Cho was the Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly during the Clone Wars. [gallery ids="13681,13682,13683,13684,13685,13686,13687,13688,13689,13690,13691"]

Leia Organa – Star Wars Kids – Yavin

Princess Leia Organa wears this jumpsuit and vest while on Yavin in the Star Wars Kids comic series. [gallery ids="13286,13287,13288,13289,13290,13291,13292,13293,13294,13295,13296,13297,13298,13299,13300,13301,13302,13303,13304,13305"]

Lord Prepredenko – Dark Horse Comics

Prepredenko was ruler of Jazbina and father of Princess Syayna. [gallery ids="13150,13151,13152,13153,13154,13155,13156,13157,13158,13159,13160,13161,13162,13163,13141,13135,13142"]

Rabé – Vader Comic – Commando

Rabé (second to left in the first image) wears this outfit in the 2020 Vader comic. [gallery ids="11944,11959,11948,11947,11946,11945,11942,11941,13084"]

Dormé – Vader Comic – Commando

Dormé (rightmost person in the first image) wears this outfit in the 2020 Vader comic. [gallery ids="11944,11956,11943,11948,11947,11946,11945,11941,13084"]

Eirtaé – Vader Comic – Commando

Eirtaé  (leftmost person in the first three images) wears this outfit in the 2020 Vader comic. [gallery ids="11944,11941,11948,11947,11946,11945,11943,13084"]

Leia Organa – Marvel Comics – Mon Cala

Leia wears this caped jumpsuit on a rebel mission to Mon Cala. [gallery ids="11260,11261,11262,11263,11264,11265,11266,11267,11268,11269,11270,11271,11272,11273,11274,11275,11276,11277,11278,11279,11280,11281,11282,11283,11284,11285,11286,11287,11288,11289,11290,11291,11292,11249,11251,11256,11246,11247,11239,11238,11234,12517,12518,12519"]

Leia Organa – Shadows of the Empire Evolution

Leia wears this cream and brown outfit during the comic "Shadows of the Empire: Evolution." [gallery ids="10815,10816,10817,10818,10819,10820,10821,10822,10823,10824,10825,10826,10827,10828,10829,10830,10831,10832,10833,10834,10835,10836,10837,10838,10839"]