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Marvel Leia and Riyo Chuchi

Jul 16, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news, Detachment news, News  //  No Comments

Been a while since the last update, but we have added reference galleries for Leia’s Marvel comics outfit(s) and Riyo Chuchi from the Clone Wars.

We also have new standards or updates to old standards happening on the forum all the time, so keep watch of the detachment space and join the discussions.

And since 2017 is the Royalty & Senatorial detachments ten year anniversary, we have a call out for suggestions for an anniversary design until the end of July month.

All new galleries:

  • Leia – White jumpsuit
  • Leia – White jumpsuit and vest
  • Leia – White jumpsuit and cloak
  • Riyo Chuchi – Tresspass
  • Riyo Chuchi – Senate dress

-Lora, DXO

Padmé in the Clone Wars

Apr 21, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news, News  //  No Comments

Padme has more than 20 costumes between the Clone Wars movie, mini-series, and TV show. You can now find reference galleries for all of her animate costumes here including.

  • Off-white Apartment Gown
  • Backless Evening Gown
  • Battle Maiden
  • Battle Vest
  • Beaded Black Dress
  • Blue and Gold Swirl Gown
  • Blue Cape
  • Gold Hooded Dress
  • Hazmat Suit
  • Illum Snow Gear
  • Indigo Spiral Gown
  • Indigo Travel Outfit
  • Lawyer Dress
  • Lilac Diamonds Gown
  • Purple Senate Gown
  • Purple Senate Vest
  • Red Office Gown
  • Revelation Gown
  • Scuba Suit
  • Tan Alderaan Gown
  • Tan Tunic
  • Violet Hood Battle Suit

Go out and make those Clone Wars costumes!

-Song of Amazon, DCO

Bail Organa and more

Feb 22, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news  //  No Comments

In the last month seven new galleries have been added. In general we hope to add more to these galleries in the future, but they serve as a good starting point and are full of screen shots of the costumes. The only gallery of the seven new that currently do not have screen shots is the one of the Golden Handmaiden costume, which instead focus on exhibition photos.
Bail Organa’s ROTS costumes have also been added minus the cut scene costumes. We hope to add them later provided we can find proper references.

The seven new galleries:

  • Leia – Blue gown (TFA)
  • Handmaiden – Golden/Throne Room (TPM/ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Senate Landing/Blue Leather Coat (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Tantive IV (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Senate Chamber/Aqua Velvet Cloak (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Jedi Temple (ROTS)
  • Bail Organa – Alderaan Balcony/Long Grey Coat (ROTS)

-Lora, DXO

ROTS Padmé done

Jan 14, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news  //  No Comments

Well, that’s it. All of Padmé’s ROTS costumes have galleries on this site now and we even have our first TCW gallery as well. 🙂

The new TCW gallery is of Duchess Satine Kryze from the “The Lawless” episode. This goes hand in hand with the creation of the standard for this costume over at the RL forum. We hope to add more of these down the line, but it is not a priority right now. Currently the focus will be on the movie costumes, unless we get specific requests.

The plan is to continue with ROTS costumes and to review existing galleries and add to them.

The new galleries:

  • Padmé Amidala Hospital Gown (ROTS)
  • Padmé Amidala Water/Funeral Gown (ROTS)
  • Duchess Satine Kryze – The Lawless (TCW)

-Lora, DXO

Almost there… stay on target!

Jan 11, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news  //  No Comments

With five more Padmé ROTS galleries added, only two costumes are missing to have all of Padmé’s episode III costumes here.
I want to say thanks(!) to all of those, who have taken pictures at shows and exhibitions; without you many of these galleries wouldn’t have been half as good or useful. 🙂 If anyone takes some good photos of the royalty, senate, dignitaries, and handmaiden costumes, we would love to have them.

The newest galleries are:

  • Olive gown
  • Peacock gown
  • Revelation gown
  • Mustafar outfit
  • Purple final senate gown

-Lora, DXO

Continuing work with the galleries in the new year

Jan 3, 2017   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news  //  No Comments

Since the new year two more Padmé galleries have been added, and we now have reference galleries of all her ROTS night gowns. 🙂

One Leia gallery has also been updated with extra pictures, and that is the ceremonial reference gallery.


The new Padmé:

  • Steel blue veranda night gown
  • Aqua georgette night gown


-Lora, DXO

New updates, new galleries

Dec 22, 2016   //   by SongofAmazon   //   Costume news  //  No Comments

After a little pause we are back at it. So far a few changes are done on the front page and new galleries have been added. We are still missing some of Padmé’s costumes, but hopefully we should very soon have some useful galleries for all her movie costumes. 🙂

The new galleries include three episode III costumes:

  • Her dressing gown
  • The midnight blue velvet cloak
  • And the navy blue lace dress worn under the cloak

Keep watch for more new galleries!

Eventually we also hope to add more content to some of our existing galleries, but that is further down the line.

-Lora, DXO