House Thul Nobility wore variations on this costume during the time of the Alderaan civil war in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Individuals wearing this costume included Altana, Caliman, Daria, Derin, Keldas, Elana, Deral, Jorad, Rehmar, Stanel, Tenatius, Thomar, Valyn, and Yudin Thul, in addition to unnamed Thul noblemen, noblewomen, nobles, and delegates. This costume is also available to player characters in the “Thul Statesman” armor set.

Jedipedia has excellent 3D turn-arounds of these costumes. PC armor screenshots are from Swtorista.

Note: Because House Thul allied with the Sith Empire during the game, many of the face characters are not eligible for Rebel Legion membership, but generic Thul nobles would be. Additionally, Altana, Markus Andarius, and Valyn Thul all defected to House Organa and their Republic allies, and therefore would be eligible for Rebel Legion membership.