Padme wears this white outfit on Geonosis, where it becomes ripped in battle. The outfit consists of a fitted top with long sleeves and narrow mock turtleneck in an off-white, matte opaque knit fabric. The sleeves are not set-in, and have a seam with double top-stitching running from the neck at the shoulder line to the cuff. In addition, the top has alternating vertical and horizontal seaming with double top-stitching over the bust line with a section below the collar with four vertical pintucks. Two armbands of thin burnished sliver rectangular segments are curved to fit the circumference of the upper arms. The pants consist of fitted leggings in an off-white, matte opaque knit fabric, with four top-stitched seams at the center front and back of each leg. The boots are knee high leather lug sole boots in a bone white or ivory color. The boot shafts are wrapped in leather shin guards with rectangular perforations with two straps woven through two additional straps at the top and bottom of the shin guards. Padme wears a plain wide firm leather belt in a bone white or ivory color, attached to which are two contoured flap poouches, one for each hip, one long contoured somewhat cylindrical flap pouch for the left hip, and one long narrow contoured holster for the right hip, all in bone white or ivory color. Her hair is parted in the center and pulled back to the nape of her neck, where it is then twisted into multiple coils twisted further into loops arranged at the nape to create a large bun-like effect.

For the ripped version, the top is ripped at an angle around the midriff, with two angled vertical slashes in the shirt back beneath shoulder blades, and the right sleeve ripped off entirely above the silver armband.