Padmé wears this as she is packing for her trip from Coruscant to Naboo with Anakin. The firm underbodice has full puffed sleeves that are gathered to wide cuffs of a sliver gray, matte silk fabric. The cuffs have seven flat buttons and cord loops covered in the same silver fabric, with dark gray piping at the cuff edges. The upper sleeves are further gathered by four narrow, silver filigree, arm bands with touches of turquoise. The fitted vest has an asymmetrical lapped closure, a tall contoured collar, and ends at the high hip, is in a charcoal gray, almost black, velvet. Along the center front is a vertical pointed decorative gray panel with a floral design applied and embroidered in gray, charcoal, silver, and metallic gold, with white and turquoise beads. She wears a very full floor length gathered skirt in a semi textured gunmetal gray silk fabric. Her hair is pulled back and gathered into a small bun at the crown of her head as well as wrapped to form a large double folded bow at each side of her head. Two silver contoured triangular medallions and one central triangular medallion, each decorated with sweeping silver Art Nouveau like fans with touches of turquoise, are draped over her forehead and ears, and are linked with 5-6 delicate silver chains.