Padmé wears a cloak over the navy blue lace dress in Episode III when meeting Anakin upon his return from the Outer Rim Sieges. The cloak is a full floor-length cloak in dark blue velvet or velvet-like fabric, with a burnout velvet lining in a dark blue abstract “leopard” print on a copper or copper like ground/lining. It has a moderate train and is contoured so that it falls straight on the left side and drapes and wraps on the right so that touches of the lining are revealed around the collar. The cloak wrap is attached/adorned with a large flared fan-shaped applique with two large petals encrusted with blue, rough-cut iridescent beads and 4 satin “embroidered” buttons with white star centers, rimmed in a narrow trim of blue, white, and copper; and two smaller petals in dark navy matte fabric, rimmed in a narrow trim and rick-rack of blue, white, and copper. Padme’s hair is parted and pulled into tightly-coiled angular buns, and she wears silver ball post earrings, each with a small, squat silver teardrop on a long, thin, delicate, yet dense, chain.