Padmé wears this gown in a deleted scene in Episode III. The gown is a full floor-length, A-line, finely pleated dress with an empire waist, finely smocked to form a yoke and high fitted collar and large finely pleated sleeves finely smocked to form slightly-pointed cuffs, in an iridescent teal/copper silk fabric. The collar is trimmed with two lines of iridescent copper seed beads, and the sleeves are trimmed with lines and a small fringe of iridescent copper seed beads. There is a long A-line double layered overcoat in a teal/copper burnout velvet of an abstract, pod-like pattern with teal spots, with a large, round, folded collar, an asymmetrical hem that begins at knee-length in the back, descending to mid-calf in four layered triangle points in front, a layered split up the back, defined shoulders, and side front slits for the arms. The overcoat also has an applied scrolling, vine-like pattern with symbols embedded in an iridescent teal/copper silken cord along the edges, the front hem corners and around the shoulders, and is trimmed in a narrow teal/copper silken cord. Each sleeve point, the four front points, the four bottom points, and the center back at the top split have beaded balls with long bead tassels in iridescent copper seed beads. The overcoat is held together in the front with a single set of hooks and eyes covered by an elongated hexagonal filigree brooch in matte copper with touches of teal. Padmé wears a fitted filigree headpiece of matte copper with touches of teal in the cutouts, and large, contoured ear pieces in a matte teal blue, with thin coiled ringlets/dreadlocks and ringlets/dreadlocks and strands of iridescent teal and copper beads streaming down; and a large matte copper hairnet or caul descends from the back of the headpiece, and is studded in drops of iridescent copper and teal beads.