Leia wears a camouflage poncho and helmet for the battle of Endor. She wears a tan or beige shirt with short sleeves reaching almost to the elbow with a wide cuff folded up with a vented pocket and a flap partially sewn to the outside of each sleeve; a medium gray vest with cap sleeves and decorative topstitching on the right front and right back yoke, and around the bust; a rank insignia is on the front right breast; cool pale gray or pale blue twill pants, tailored with a natural waist height, with a solid burnished yellow or gold non shiny stripe about 1 inch wide on each side seam; and low heeled black leather or leather like, non shiny riding boots that are loose fitting and rise to approximately calf height. There is a black watch like communication device on her left wrist. Her poncho is camouflage colored in shades of green, cream, and brown, has a hood, and reaches mid thigh in front and at knee level in the back.  She wears a 2 inch wide olive green twill belt with a black metal slide in front, one black twill pouch on her left front, 2-3 black twill pouches in the back, and a black leather holster. Her hair is wrapped around here head with a densely braided figure eight style buns or two small braided buns in back. She also wears a Rebel Commando helmet.