Perrin Fertha – Andor – House Coat

Perrin Fertha, Mon Mothma's husband, wears this coat around their embassy apartment home on Coruscant. [gallery ids="16248,16247,16246,16215,16214,16212,16216,16210,16203,16204,16205,16206,16202,16207,16201,16200,16199,16198,16197"]

Perrin Fertha – Andor – Betrothal Robe

Perrin Fertha, husband of Mon Mothma, wears this robed outfit in the final episode of Andor, Season 1. [gallery ids="16125,16124,16123,16122,16121,16120,16119,16118,16116,16115,16114,16113,16112"]

Silood – The Clone Wars

Silood was a Rodian male aide who worked for Senator Onaconda Farr during the Clone Wars. [gallery ids="13898,13896,13897,13899,13713"]