Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Detachment Charter 
Approved December 2, 2007
Amended October 2020

The Rebel Legion (RL) authorizes the formation of a Royalty/Senatorial (RS) Detachment to be named, The Rebel Legion Galactic Senate (RLGS). This Charter serves to define the guidelines for the operation of this Royalty/Senatorial costume group.

REGULATION 1 – Delegation Formation
REGULATION 2A – Base Delegations
REGULATION 2B – Committees
REGULATION 2C – Committee Administration
REGULATION 3 – Command Unit
REGULATION 4A – Unit Designation & Crest
REGULATION 4B – Nomenclature & Sources
REGULATION 4C – Copywrited Materials
REGULATION 4D – Delegation Membership
REGULATION 4E – Delegation Ratification
REGULATION 5A – Honorary Delegation
REGULATION 5B – Sub-group Formation & Ratification
REGULATION 5C – Sub-group Administration


The mission and purpose of this detachment is five-fold:

  1. To promote Royalty/Senatorial Costumes and their Standards throughout the Rebel Legion; and
  2. To maintain and advise the Legion Administrative Council on existing and future Royalty/Senatorial Costume Standards, including, but not limited to, membership, categories, and Galactic Senate Charter revisions; and
  3. To provide the Legion Administrative Council with qualified individuals for the approval of all future Royalty/Senatorial costumes, and to provide a qualified pool of candidates to be available for events specifically requesting Royalty/Senatorial Characters; and
  4. To promote the creation and continued existence of Base Delegations; and
  5. To provide a network for the dissemination of information and resources pertaining to Royalty/Senatorial costuming.

All members of the Galactic Senate are expected to be available as a resource to assist new Royalty/Senatorial costumers towards the completion of their costumes and to advise the Galactic Senate on any changes needed to the standards of all costumes falling under the Detachment.


The Detachment will include all Rebel Legion members with approved Royalty/Senatorial costumes from the movies, cartoons, comics, games, and the Expanded Universe, including those characters now designated as “Legends.” Royalty/Senatorial costumes are defined as:

  • Costumes of characters whose primary job is governance of civilians, such as senators, queens/kings, governors, princes/princesses, bureaucrats, councilors, advisors, and their support staff. These characters may govern at the galactic, planetary, country, city, clan, or tribal level. Example characters include but are not limited to: Princess Leia, Padmé Amidala, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa. Because most dignitaries wear individualized clothing instead of uniforms, characters that fall under this category are accepted into RLGS by their identity as someone who works in governance, regardless of the outfit they are wearing.
  • Costumes of characters that act as guards to ensure that governance takes place. These characters answer directly to the governing body or individual and are not part of any larger military, militia, or security forces. Examples of these costumes include: Senate Guards, Senate Commandos, Naboo Handmaidens, and other royal guards.

Galactic Senate costumes are allowed to belong to multiple detachments.

Costumes approved in another detachment may apply for Galactic Senate Detachment membership if the character meets the requirements above.


The Detachment’s Executive Staff will consist of a Detachment Commanding Officer (DCO) and a Detachment Executive Officer (DXO). Additional Detachment Administrative Officers may also be appointed by the DCO and DXO as needed to provide administrative support. These Detachment Administrative Officers may be given moderator responsibilities of the RLGS forum and/or sub-forums, supervised by the DCO and DXO.

Members of the Legion Administrative Council may not serve as DCO or DXO.

Each Base within the Rebel Legion containing a Royalty/Senatorial Delegation must have a Delegation Command Unit consisting of a Delegation Leader (DL) and a Delegation Vice Leader (DVL). Any member of the Legion with an approved Royalty/Senatorial costume may serve as DL or DVL as long as they are a member of the Delegation’s Base. This Unit maintains a current list of members, the Delegation’s official name, and the Delegation’s logo for that specific Base.

All Detachment Officials can be used as a resource at the Base level for new Royalty/Senatorial costumers in the obtaining and construction of Royalty/Senatorial costumes, and can be consulted by Base/Outpost Membership Officers to assist with getting costumes ready for submission to the Rebel Legion Costume Judge(s).

The Galactic Senate’s Executive Staff, Detachment Membership Officials, and Delegation Command Units will not receive any special powers or duties. They will not be given access to the RL Command forums, or form Rebel Legion policy. The Galactic Senate’s Executive Staff will be granted “Moderator” status on the RLGS Forums and all sub-forums. The purpose of these offices are as an advisory body to the Rebel Legion Council. Any major changes to the operation of the Detachment and how it interacts with or reflects on the RL (such as changes to this Charter), will be discussed and voted on by the Detachment’s membership and then forwarded to the Legion Administrative Council for ratification before implementation.


The Rebel Legion Galactic Senate’s Detachment CO will be elected on an annual basis to coincide with yearly Rebel Legion elections that take place in September. The Rebel Legion Galactic Senate’s DXO will be appointed by the DCO. Detachment Administrative Officers will be chosen by the Executive Staff of the Galactic Senate as needed. If Detachment Administrative Officers and Delegation Leaders are no longer able to fulfill their duties or have been absent for an extended period of time, their replacements will be chosen by the Executive Staff of the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate in a timely manner. Delegation Leaders are elected into office by their Base Delegation on an annual basis to coincide with yearly elections and must be approved by the Base Commander. Delegation Vice Leaders are appointed by their Delegation Leader and with approval of the Base/Outpost CO. Should any issues arise with the abilities of the Delegation Leader to fulfill their duty they can be removed from their office by their Base/Outpost Commander, with the consensus of the Delegation, and with consultation of the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Command Staff. In this matter, Delegation command defaults to the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Command Staff until a suitable replacement candidate is found. Any removals of any Detachment officers must be reported to the Captain of the Guard and Legion Council.


The Legion Administrative Council/The Rebel Command Council
Rebel Legion Galactic Senate DCO
Rebel Legion Galactic Senate DXO
Base Delegations ——————–Honoray Delegations
Delegations Leaders——————Delegations Leaders
Base Committees
Committee Chairman


The Galactic Senate is responsible for the formation and administration of Official Delegations within all Rebel Legion bases. Delegation requirements and regulations under the Detachment are as follows:

• REGULATION 1 – Formation 
A Base needs at least 3 formal costumed members who agree on the Delegation name to formally request Delegation status. An application for this purpose can be found in the Charter under “Amendment A” as well as can be requested from Galactic Senate Executive Staff.

• REGULATION 2A – Base Delegation 
Bases shall be limited to one Official Delegation and Delegation Unit Designation per Base/Outpost for RLGS costumes regardless of the costume’s source material.

• REGULATION 2B – Committees 
Committees Delegations can be split within the Base, by the approval of both the Delegation Command Unit and the Base Commander, into smaller sections based on geographical location. These groupings will remain part of the Base Delegation and shall be designated as a Committee. These groupings will not be considered as officially separate Delegations. Should a formation of a Committee contribute to the decline of a Delegation’s performance or harmony, the Committee will be dissolved by the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Executive Staff and re-absorbed into the Base Delegation.

• REGULATION 2C – Committee Administration 
Committees may have Chairperson (CP) assigned at the discretion of the Delegation Command Unit. Committee names are to be selected by the Delegation with emphasis being given to those RLGS members who would be assigned to it. Committee names must conform to the same standards and regulations as Delegation names (ARTICLE VI/REGULATIONS 4A & 4B).

• REGULATION 3 –Delegation Command Units 
Each Delegation must have a Delegation Command Unit consisting of a Delegation Leader (DL) and a Delegation Vice Leader (DVL). The Delegation Leader need not be a Base/Outpost Commander in order to hold this position. The Local Delegation will function as a part of the Base/Outpost in conjunction with the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate.

• REGULATION 4A – Unit Designation & Crest 
Each Delegation must have a unique Unit Designation (Delegation name) in order to apply for Delegation formation. Base Delegation names and logos should fit within provable Star Wars nomenclature and graphical elements. The names of the following Delegation Unit Designations (DUD) are restricted by virtue of use in the Official Star Wars Universe (i.e. movies, published materials, etc.) or previous use by the Rebel Legion: any delegation name in official SW media, and every name currently in use by existing Base Delegation. A DUD will reflect on its members and as such should be chosen only by the members that make up the Delegation. Voting for a Unit Designation will be limited to those Base members who own a R/S costume.

Delegation logos or crests are not required for Delegation formation. However it is recommended that a Delegation crest be created at the Delegation’s earliest convenience.

• REGULATION 4B – Nomenclature & Sources 
Use of items, names and symbols by the Delegation from within the Star Wars universe are allowed and encouraged. Use of items and symbols found in the real world, but not mentioned in the Star Wars universe can also be considered for Unit Designations and crests, as long as the use of this material does not violate any other trademark or copyright (i.e. Nike’s “Swoosh”, etc.) or ARTICLE VI/REGULATION 4A of the Galactic Senate Charter.

• REGULATION 4C – Copywrited Material 
Use of images from other copywrited material (other than LFL material) is prohibited. The latitude given to the Rebel Legion by LFL is not universally shared by all entities. However, if a copywrited image has been altered enough so that it’s not immediately identifiable as belonging to another company, entity or genre, then it may be considered.

• REGULATION 4D – Delegation Membership 
A approved RLGS members must also apply to their Delegation Command Unit for acceptance into a Base Delegation

• REGULATION 4E – Delegation Ratification 
Final approval of the DUD and crest as well as their completed formation is made by the Galactic Senate Executive Staff pending review of materials and application under ARTICLE VI/REGULATIONS 4A, 4B, and 4C.

• REGULATION 5A – Honorary Delegation Sub-groups 
There exists the possibility to create Legion-wide Delegations. These Honorary Delegations have no Base allegiance but report directly to the Galactic Senate. (See ARTICLE V.) These are considered sub-groups that will have limited scope and will not interfere with the Galactic Senate, the Base Command or the formation of Base Delegations.

Honorary Delegations allow for individuals who share the interest of a particular type of costume to join together into a unit (i.e. Padmé Amidala/Skywalker costumes or Princess Leia Organa/Solo) or as a Unit for R/S with no Base Delegation.

• REGULATION 5B – Honorary Formation & Ratification 
Galactic Senate members may apply to the Galactic Senate Executive Staff for the creation of an Honorary Delegation. Proposals must be made in writing via AMENDMENT B (Application to form a Galactic Senate Honorary group) and should include proposed leader (if any) and a description of its reason for existing. Only one Honorary Delegation will be created for each particular costume type.

Honorary Delegations are currently defined as:

  • Naboo Delegation: All Royalty and Senatorial characters from the Planet Naboo.
  • Alderaan Delegation: All Royalty and Senatorial characters from the Planet Alderaan.
  • Chandrilla Delegation: All Royalty and Senatorial characters from the Planet Chandrilla.

Note: Other types of Delegations can be formed from characters that are represented from other planets in the Star Wars movies or expanded universe as long as there is a reference to this character and planet and following the guidelines of The Rebel Legion Charter Article II Costumes Standards.

• REGULATION 5C – Honorary group Administration 
Any proposed Honorary Delegation would be tentatively headed up by a Honorary Delegation Leader ratified by the Galactic Senate Executive Staff. Honorary Delegations will not have Vice Leader. The leadership office of the Honorary Delegation is considered to be on “at-will” status and any term of service is determined by the Galactic Senate Executive Staff.

Honorary Delegation Leaders are expected to serve in an advisory position to the Galactic Senate regarding their particular Delegation. Honorary Delegation Leaders shall not be granted any additional special rights or privileges.

Original Charter Drafted: 09/07 R. Kraning (DCO/RLGS), A. Samulewicz (LXO), J.Paulson (DXO/RLSC) 

The following pages contain AMENDMENT A (Application to form a RLGS Base Delegation) and AMENDMENT B (Application to form a RLGS Honorary Delegation).


We, the undersigned members of the Rebel Legion, hereby formally request permission to form a Delegation for our local Rebel Legion Base. To our knowledge, no such Delegation currently exists. In requesting this formation we agree that all guidelines have been followed per the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Detachment Charter – ARTICLE VI, REGULATIONS 1-4E.

Local Rebel Legion Base: _____________________________________________
Three formal R/S members are requesting Delegation formation: (include name & RL forum login ID.)

(1) ____________________________ / ____________________________
(2) ____________________________ / ____________________________
(3) ____________________________ / ____________________________

Date Requested: ___/____/____ Number of known R/S members in Base: ________

Proposed Delegation Name: ___________________________________
Proposed Delegation Leaders: (include name & RL forum login ID.)

(Base Delegation Leader) _________________ / _____________________
(Base Vice Leader) _________________ / _____________________

Do you have a proposed Delegation Crest? o Yes o No (if “yes”, please attach a copy)

Does your Base Commander support/approve both the formation of this Delegation as well as the proposed Delegation Leaders? o Yes o No o Unknown

RLGS Administrative Use Only: Date:
Base Delegation Formation Approved?  Yes  No (if “no”, please state why)
Base Delegation Leader Approved?  Yes  No (if “no”, please state why


I/we, as a member(s) of the Rebel Legion, hereby formally request permission to form an official Honorary Delegation of the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate. To our knowledge, no such group currently exists. In requesting this formation we agree that all guidelines have been followed per the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Detachment Charter – ARTICLE VI, REGULATIONS 5A-5C.

Members requesting Honorary group formation: (include name & RL forum login ID.)
(1) ____________________________ / ____________________________
(2) ____________________________ / ____________________________

Proposed Name: __________________________________________
Date Requested: ___/____/____ Approx # potential members: o 1-10 o 11-20 o 21+
Proposed Honorary Delegation Leader: (include name & RL forum login ID.)

_________________ / _____________________

Do you have a proposed Delegation Crest? o Yes o No (if “yes”, please attach a copy)

Reasons for forming this particular Delegation?

RLGS Administrative Use Only: Date:
Base Delegation Formation Approved?  Yes  No (if “no”, please state why)
Base Delegation Leader Approved?  Yes  No (if “no”, please state why)

Please submit applications for base delegations and hororary delegations via private message to the current RLGS DCO.