Here is a list of merchandise produced by the detachment so far:





  • Temporary tattoos. At least 700 of them seems to have been produced, or it was leftovers from the previous year.



  • Fifth anniversary embroidered patches. Featuring the detachment logo with a silver-metallic thread for the grey parts of the logo. This was available to all Rebel Legion members. A second version with gold-metallic thread instead of the silver, and a red-metallic replacing the standard red, have been produced, only for RLGS detachment members.



  • Temporary tattoos. Not sure if those where produce. If so, it was in small numbers.


  • Button badges for Celebration ?
  • Bookmarks ?
  • Patches ?


  • Resin keychains and necklace.
    Fundraising for Team World Vision to provide children in Africa with access to clean water. As such, this sale was opened to all Rebel Legion and 501st members.
    Pendants exists in large (1.25″/3.175 cm) and small (1″/2.54 cm) sizes.


  • 10th anniversary embroidered patches. Featuring the special 10th anniversary logo, it was produced in two versions: red available to any Rebel Legion member, and royal blue only for the RLGS detachment member. Both version of the patch have the main parts of the logo embroidered with a silver metallic thread.


  • 10th anniversary T-shirt: It features the RLGS 10th anniversary logo on the chest, and a silhouette design on the back, representing a panel of dignitaries costumes which can be validated at the RLGS.



  • Enamel challenge coin, the first ever one of the detachment! Made of brass with an antique silver finish, tt measures 44.45 mm in diameter and features the Rebel Legion logo in front, while having the RLGS logo in the back.





  • Detachment racing shirts, designed by Michael Capell. Open to all Legion members. These will be available whenever detachment racing shirt runs occur.