Padme’s Senate address gown, from a Deleted Scene in Episode II. The gown is comprised of a fitted floor-length A-line undergown in a gold moire or watered silk-like fabric with a tall fitted collar. This undergown has an elaborate jeweled decoration of navy and jet beads or rhinestones covering the collar and breast, as well as decorative beaded chevron lines down the front to just below the knees.  The surcoat is fitted and floor length in a dark navy or dark purple velvet, with a high structured whisk collar/lapels and leg o mutton sleeves. The upper sleeves are in velvet, with a structure to fill out the puffs, while the lower sleeves are in a fitted and gathered navy or purple satin and end below the wrists. The front edges of the surcoat are decorated with a gold leaf design from the waist to the hem. Two navy or purple crinkled satin scarves with fringe are attached to the collar beneath the lapels, over the shoulders, and down the back, and end several inches above the coat hem and are gathered at waist-level by a satin band decorated with strands of navy and jet beads. Her hair is pulled back from her face and is gathered into two fans of hair on either side of her head with two smaller fans of hair just below the crown of her head. A decorative brooch of purple stones/drops is attached to the center front of her hairline.