Padmé wears this gown in a cut scene in Attack of the Clones. This two-piece gown consists of a wrap-style skirt which fastens on the left side and a matching high-midriff shirt, which is adorned with tiny vintage shells and filigree leaf-shaped clasps. The fitted midriff-baring bodice has an open back, long knuckle length fitted sleeves, and a tall fitted collar of a very crinkled light aqua matte fabric. The front of the bodice extends to long tabs that taper around the sides and down to the center back to attach to the waist of the skirt. The diagonal curving seams are decorated with lines of coordinating tiny trochus shells or similar rough-cut iridescent shell like beads. Small, somewhat folded filigree light blue leaf clips with silver and aquamarine highlights are found at the center front bust line, center back waist point, and at each back edge point where the sleeve meets the bodice. The collar and back yoke are held closed by several small iridescent pearl or light aqua fabric covered buttons rimmed in silver. The skirt is a floor length wrap-style with a somewhat flared fullness from the knees to the hem, with a small train of a very crinkled light aqua matte fabric. It closes at the left side front with a small iridescent pearl or light aqua covered fabric covered button rimmed in silver at the waistline of the closure. Her hair is parted and pulled away from her face by a wide, contoured headband in a soft pearlized metallic light aqua with silvery accents. The headband has a textured zig zag like diamond motif of varying sizes spanning its length. Piles of soft curls cascade down the crown of her head behind the headband. She also wears a full floor length cloak with a very wide gathered hood, a very wide neckline, and long, wide bell sleeves that are gathered by a narrow binding and extend well below the knees, in a pale silvery ivory velvet or velvet like fabric. The cloak has a wide vertical burnout pattern in a very Art Nouveau-like vine motif with dragonfly like elements. The cloak is closed at the center front neckline by a very large, matte gold Art Nouveau like filigree rectangular brooch, with a gathered length of pale silvery ivory velvet or velvet like fabric that extends to the floor.