Padmé wears this dress with a cloak in an attempt to disguise herself upon traveling with Anakin from Naboo to Tatooine. The fitted midriff-baring bodice is of a pale, light blue knit fabric with a dense gathered wrapping extending around to each side back, a slight V-neck and upper wrapping that enlarges to a long, wide draping hood with a point that reaches to the back waist. The edge of the hood and V-neck are trimmed in narrow sliver cord, with the point of the hood trimmed with multi-length strands of clear, coin-shaped, flat beads separated by black seed beads. Long fitted, somewhat gathered, sleeves are hidden beneath a wide draping circular cape folded to create a double-layered cape, of which the outer layer is longer than the inner layer, extending to the knees in back. The cape is decorated with a small silver leaf stencil, tracing along the edge and as an allover pattern for the lower back of the cape in a diamond shape section, and edged in silver piping cord trim like the hood. The skirt is full-length and straight, but curves down in front, where there is a cartridge pleated center section, draped with triangular multi-strand pattern of clear, coin-shaped, flat beads separated by black seed beads. The hair is loosely spiral-curled, with two small sections on either side of her head gathered into small buns with the rest pulled into a loose ponytail in the back. The headpiece worn is a diamond shape of silver with a filigree, Art Nouveau knot-like pattern with two large oval-shaped filigree loops framing the curled hair buns. Initially, Padmé wears a full floor-length cloak and large, full gathered hood in a silver velvet with an abstract pod-like or similar burnout pattern and a fitted pale/light blue matte balaclava, completely covering her hair. The cloak is closed at the throat with a large, simple filigree clasp full of small rhinestones.