Padmé wears this gown following her Senate address, while meeting with the Chancellor. The gown consists of a deep purple gown with corded designs on the sleeves, tabard, and bodice, and a sequined triangle adorns the bodice. The sleeves are double-layered, with a crinkle type silk used for the lower sleeves and the upper sleeves of the same fabric as the gown. An overcoat of burned-out velvet in a “flame” pattern is work over the gown, with the bodice being piped. The long bell-like sleeves of the overcoat are pinned together at the back with a sequined brooch. The neck piece consists of seven rungs of gold metal coils held together by eight “stick-like” pieces. The head piece is a reverse-style vase, with a hair covered gold metal circular coils over a cage-like base.