Padmé wears this gorgeous ensemble on Naboo, and appears on the balcony with Anakin following one of his nightmares. The nightgown consists of a bias-cut, floor length gown with lightly-gathered triangular bust sections sewed to an inverted V empire bust line, a deep back V, and thin spaghetti straps of a soft white or ivory silk fabric. The gown has an ivory silk chiffon overlay with a sparce scattering of large singular abstract floral/ice crystal motif in pastel shades of yellow, pink, green, blue, and purple, dotted with tiny white iridescent seed beads. The robe is a floor-length loose rectangular long-sleeved robe in the Byzantine fashion, with a wide V-neck in back and a moderate train in a royal blue and gold cross-dyed lattice smocked velvet. A long tassel of five large beaded balls and strands of beads in iridescent blue, red, and green extends from the point of the back V-neck, and a wide trim of a bullion-textured metallic gold quazi-Greek key pattern is applied to the shoulder seams, extending down the sleeves to the wrists. Her hair is loosely spiral-curled with the front sections parted at the center and pinned to the back.