Padme’s famous Ilum attire, also known as “Snow Bunny”, is worn during the Clone Wars era during her mission to Ilum. On this mission, she accompanies Jedi Master Yoda to rescue Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee. The costume is comprised of a unitard or fitted top and leggings and balaclava hood in a white matte knit fabric. She wears mid-forearm length gloves in a white matte knit and pale blue fur trim. The utility belt is an off white firm leather or faux leather with a contoured pouch and holster. She wears calf or knee high low-heeled, wedge heel, white matte leather or faux leather boots with a pale flue fur trim. A knee length circle cape with full hood in a white matte fabric is lined in pale blue fabric and has a pale blue fur trim and two tangling pale blue fur ball pompoms.