Padmé wears this dressing gown and purple lace night gown from Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan Kenobi comes to ask for her help in finding Anakin.

The costume consist of a purple, furry dressing gown with a wide multicolor trim going down the sleeves. The trim starts and ends with a row of dark blue/purple sequins (five) surrounded by transparent glass beads. It also has a set of beaded tassels hanging from the edges of the trim at the hands, and on forward of the shoulder. Another set of different beaded tassels hands at the front closure of the dressing gown.
The nightgown underneath consists of a white/off-white silk or other finely weaved fabric with a purple net lace overlay. The nightgown has an empire waist marked by a red-purple cord; the ends of the cord hangs down over the stomach to roughly knee level.
On her head she wears a simple silver metal headdress and the hair is gathered into a ponytail with three decorative hair pieces.

NB: In promo images the dressing gown looks dark blue. In reality it is purple/violet in color.