Padme wears this dress in Episode III in a scene where Anakin questions her about Obi-Wan’s presence in the apartment. This dress, without the accessories, is worn under the Midnight Blue Velvet Cloak seen earlier in the movie. The dress is a floor-length gown with a fitted bodice, mock turtleneck, inverted V empire waist, full skirt that is pleated at the back of the waist for added fullness, and long, fitted sleeves of a matte fabric with a dense matte lace in dark navy. The collar is rimmed with a line of black jet beads with a short fringe of black jet beads at the center front. The empire waist is trimmed with three very large faceted black jet stones, each rimmed with a narrow line of small black jet beads, laid at the center front and arranged to each side seam. Several chains of black jet beads connect the three large stones and three oblong stones, with a long fringe of black jet beads descending from the center front stone. She also wears a very large triangular shaped shawl with long tails in a very dense, mantilla-like black lace, with the center front edges trimmed with a narrow line of tiny black beads/sequins, and each front tail with a moderate fringe of black jet beads. Padme’s hair is styled long and curled in loose spirals, with two front sections pulled back from the face, twisted lightly, and pinned to the crown of the head.