Padmé wears this gown in a deleted scene of Episode III, as well as during her “ruminations” scene in the same episode. The gown is floor-length with a fitted empire waist, small V-neckline, very full hood, 3/4-length long bell sleeves, and a small train in an olive green velvet with vertical lines of large purple Naboo symbols at intervals throughout the gown. The sleeves are lined with an iridescent purple and green silk fabric in a medium diamond pattern, the neck and sleeve edges are trimmed in narrow cord in an olive green silk fabric, and the hood is self-lined in velvet. Around the empire-waist is a very large crinkled sash in purple iridescent silk taffeta. A medium-size circular brooch of purple and olive iridescent beads rimmed with a narrow twisted burnished bronze cord trim and a short fringe of purple and olive iridescent beads is worn at the V-neckline. Padme’s hair is worn loose and parted, curled in loose spirals falling softly around her face and over her shoulders, with the hood down, or peeking out from the drapes of the hood, when hood worn up.