Padmé wears this gown in her final appearance in the Senate, alongside her handmaiden Moteé and co-Senator Bail Organa. The gown consists of a floor-length, A-line underskirt of a reddish purple/magenta floral burnout velvet, over which lies a loose short gown with a tall, petal-shaped wired collar, large puffed sleeves gathered to tight wide cuffs and a V-shaped hem with a point both in front and back to about mid-calf height in a medium purple suede or moleskin fabric. The neckline and sleeves are trimmed in dark purple velvet cord with narrow dark purple velvet vertical stripes along the sleeves. There is also an elbow-length mantle with an extra-wide neckline and floor-length, slightly A-line, tabard in dark purple velvet and decorated with a swirling band of light lavender loops at the edges. A very long, narrow scarf of a purple crinkled or Fortuny-pleated fabric is draped about the extra-wide neckline with two tail draping down the front of the tabard, ending near the bottom of the dress. The scarf is held in place by two elongated diamond-shaped, filigree, matte silver pendants, with five more of these pendants making up the brooch closing and holding the mantle to the tabard. The center front point of the collar has a tiny filigree button in iridescent purple. Padmé’s hair is pulled away from her face to form a flat, long bun below a silver ribbed “halo” with pointed round wings, which is then woven through the center of the “halo.”