Upon meeting Wicket the ewok, he takes Leia to his native ewok village. The ewoks make Leia her very own suede dress! Leia also wears this dress again at the endor celebration when the second death star is finally destroyed.  The dress is a tan suede or suedecloth A line style dress that reaches to the shins with a multi length, multi paneled skirt and princess seams.  It is short sleeved with a V neck decorated with matching thin suede lacing crisscrossing down the lower half of the V neckline and tied at the top.  There is matching thin suede lacing in crosses on the princess seams, following along the entire length of the seam, to the waist, and the armhole seams.  There are no grommets.  There is a tan suede or suedecloth sash tied around the waist, and also dangles down the midline.  There are white long sleeves of a natural looking, but crisp, fabric and thin charcoal gray suede or suede like lace/cord tied at the wrists.  She wears flat tailored tan sandals with multi-strap or multi-lacing design.  Her hair is long and wavy, pulled back off of her face with a long braid that has thin tan suede lacing crossed around it.