Risha Drayen was a Human female who was a petty criminal, starship mechanic, woman of mystery, royal queen, and daughter of the notorious crime lord Nok Drayen during the time of the Cold War. Although she was the daughter of a violent gangster, she was not emotionally scarred by her turbulent upbringing. During the Cold War, Risha partnered with the criminal Skavak to search for her family crown, which her great-grandfather, King Arak Drayen III, had hidden from the usurper of the throne of Dubrillion. However, the ship she was on belonged to a smuggler who was determined to get it back. In her travels with the smuggler player character, Risha began planning to retake Dubrillion, starting by trying to find allies among the aristocracy who detested the current king’s rule.

Jedipedia has excellent 3D turn-arounds of this costume.

Due to her occupation as a smuggler while wearing this costume, she would belong primarily to the Docking Bay 94 Detachment for fringe characters.