Padmé’s handmaiden, Sabé, wears this disguise for both the meeting with Boss Nass and the gungans and the subsequent battle in Theed with the Neimoidians.  The outfit consists of red lightweight loose-fitting pants, a red silk dress/robe with black burnout stripe fabric on the lower sleeve portion (with red fabric seen underneath), a black tabard/tunic with burnout stripes showing a red fabric lining and two tiered below the waist, a wide black oval belt, and black riding boots.  Her hair style, headdress consists of the following:  a gold striped fitted tiara following her forehead to behind the ears with twin curving arcs of hair alternating between hair and red fabric that start at the ears and widen toward the center top of her head; and the back of her hair consists of a high ponytail folded under once and bound again near the end.  Her facial make up is that of the Queen of Naboo, with a lightly white face, two red dots on her cheeks, and a red stripe down the center of her upper and lower lips.